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“Healthy food leads to healthy mind.” The Sapphire Hostel mess follows the above saying to the core. Students and working executives enjoy an appetizing and hygienic meal..

The Aashray’s mess is spacious, clean, well furnished, well ventilated. Utmost care is taken in cooking and serving a well balanced nutritious diet. Only vegetarian food is provided. On request eggs or egg curry can be provided to those students who relish. The college authorities check every meal before it is served to the students. Hostel warden dines with the students and personally look into each student's eating habit..

We use pure desi ghee and vegetable oil in the food. We give 200 ml of milk with breakfast and after dinner. We give morning tea at 6.00 am and evening tea at 5.00 pm. Basmatti rice and dal is compulsory in every menu. Special food is also provided on medical advice.